David Christie, Kent wedding photographer

I am a 38 year old married man from Deal,Kent with 2 children, 3 cats a very mischievous Husky.

A little  bit of my history, I was born & bred just outside this small picturesque fishing town Deal, where I lived my childhood days out in Ripple,  I learned to appreciate all things about nature, but the main subject of nature that captured my attention at such an early age was the weather which would later inspire me to get into photography.

At Primary school I remember gazing out through the window watching the snow gracefully falling from the sky and turning the world outside completely white & thinking how nice it had made the usual boring scene. Even at this age I realized just how short that beauty lasted, especially in a seaside town like Deal.

It’s moments like above that make you realize how important it is to capture the special moments in your life as they are just that ( MOMENTS )and sometimes you need more than just your mind to get the best memories. Anyway, back to my history.

After leaving Ripple in 1987 I moved into the town. There I went to what was then Deal Secondary school, ( not the best school in the world I know, but for most part was quite a pleasant experience for me, even if it wasn’t for my teachers. ; )

The Unknown Years.

Well, after doing loads of different types of jobs from Hod-carrying to security, I finally got into a career that I enjoyed at Dover Leisure Centre as a life guard.

Then transferred to Tides in Deal, where I became a Manager and stayed there for 10 good years before moving to Sandwich sports centre, then to working for Duncan Bannatyne as a Health & Fitness Manager.

During all this time my love for the weather and trying to capture it’s beauty was always with me, taking my kids with me storm chasing even if it was in the middle of the night, which they seemed to love just as much as me.

After nearly losing my wife several times to diabetes my photography began to lean more and more towards Portraits, realizing the importance of having memories of your loved ones if anything was to happen to them.

Eventually I began to charge for my work to help pay for the equipment. My work soon became quite popular which left me with what wasn't that hard a choice to leave Bannatynes and became my own Boss & I wish I had done this earlier now.

Now I've now been trading on my own for over 6 years and getting plenty of work as a photographer, and specializing in wedding photography in Kent, so I’m even having to turn work away, so times are good : )

Equipment used:

I currently use 3 Canon 5D MKIII & 1 Canon 5DMKII with all top range L lenses & carry a spare camera with me at all times. I've got a four lighting system that is all portable with hundreds of other gadgets so you can be assured that you are getting the very best equipment being used on your shoot.

Thank you for reading & I hope I didn't bore you too much.

All the best David Christie

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